Cannabis economy thrives in Prague


It might have been our rapidly advancing ages that stopped people from trying to sell us maijuana on the streets of Prague. Or it just mighht not be worth it for marijuana users to buy the product illegally, since they can get it in every variety store.

I can’t attest to the quality of the marijuana we saw for sale everywhere in Prague, but the array of pot products was quite impressive. There were a number of marijuana snacks, from chocolates to chips. Satisfy your urges for both pot and munchies in one trip to the store!

For the drinkers, there was cannabis beer, or cannabis absinthe. I never asked, but I’m sure the absinthe was not of the Toulouse Lautrec variety – that is, made from wormwood – which left its drinkers totally insensate. However, THC does get released if mixed with alcohol, so an overproof liqeur infused with some fine pot might just transport one to 19th-century France.

What I couldn’t quite figure out was why anyone would bother to buy cannabis-infused hair products. I’ve never heard of anyone getting stoned through their skin.

It was this latter range of products that made me think perhaps the variety-store cannabis was not the real thing. After all, we sell hemp beer and hemp-based beauty products here too. Maybe they just use the name “cannabis” to add some cachet to their products.

On the other hand, if it didn’t work, no one would buy it…

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