Medieval times in Northern Europe

Reconstruction of a medieval clock made by the Steno Museum in Arhus, Denmark, and exhibited in the National Museum in Copenhagen.

It was a rainy, cold day and we decided to spend it in the Danish National Museum. Besides the incredible artifacts dating back thousands of years, and the eye-popping Viking history displays, the museum catered to my favourite historical fetish – the weirdness of the medieval ages.

Most of the exhibits were from Northern Europe, from Britain to Poland, but the common characteristics spoke to what must have been frequent travel and commerce between the various regions nearly a thousand years ago.

The exhibits here were mostly wood panels and triptychs from old churches, with not too much of the usual fire-and-brimstone threats to keep the peasantry in line. Below is a gallery of the photos I took, before I got too close to one of the panels and the alarm sounded, forcing me to beat a hasty and sheepish retreat.

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